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Jovon Outlaw

Interdisciplinary Artist

*Outlaw is my real last name

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About Myself

Jovon Outlaw is a New York City-based (& Remote-Based), Interdisciplinary Artist. They specialize in Cinematography, Performance Art, and Writing. Currently working as a Manager, Production and Tech Op for Marvel Entertainment.

A graduate of the SUNY Purchase College Film Conservatory Jovon has worked on numerous projects, notably for Marvel, Disney, NBC, Juilliard, Complex, Josh Ruben, Micheal Almerayda, Celia-Rolwson-Hall, Kassia Miller, Mitski, Eigil Bryld, as well as Anu Valia.

Jovon is also a performance artist focusing on movement, improvisational theatre, and acting. They have studied a range of disciplines such as theatrical clowning, improv, acting, and etc. They use the philosophies of all art forms to expand community and create deeper emotional work.


Work         CV

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